Peanut’s Oddities

EDIT: I was supposed to post this last night but it didn’t upload for some reason. I’m uploading it now because I spent a good long time sitting on the floor in darkness to write this (don’t ask)
I feel a bit guilty today.
You see, I got my progress report yesterday, and yeah this isn’t very modest, but it was really good and I felt relieved. Perhaps I was working hard. But today I COMPLETELY procrastinated so I felt like I was taking it easy and being a bit big-headed. Oh well, what’s done is done. From Monday onwards I’ll be doing some hardcore revision! I’ll even do some this weekend too!

Back to the topic.
This is a really random post, but today (or rather tonight because I’m still doing this nightly posting… That is, until my internet runs out…) I’m going to talk about some of my weird habits, just so you can know more about me and the weirdo I am. 🙂 So, what shall I write first?

1. I pace around every morning at six o’clock.
Just because I’m brushing my teeth really. There’s no other reason to pace around at 6 am. But it’s not just the morning. I pace at random times, especially when I’m getting changed after coming home from school. I just can’t seem to stay in one place! In fact, just now before I started writing, I was pacing back and forth, into my room and out. I thought it was weird and I tried to stop, but I got this kind of tingling feeling in my legs so I just continued.
But, you know, when I pace, I’m normally deep in thought, which explains why I get a lot of my story ideas when I’m brushing my teeth. Even just walking to school gets my brain working and I think a lot about science and philosophy and attempt to conjure up theories to explain things. I sometimes come up with bizarre ideas though.

2. When it comes to speaking, I won’t open my mouth if the person is three or more meters away from me.
It’s a little rule I have for no reason whatsoever but I hate breaking it. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I break it sometimes, though rarely, in cases where the person speaks to me. It would just be horrible not to reply.

3. Another rule similar to this is to not turn around if someone calls my name.
I have to wait until they say it twice, even if I’m fairly close (in terms of friendship, not distance) to them. It’s weird though, because there’s no one in my year with my name…

4. I give different types of cutlery numerical values to satisfy my need for order.
Basically, you know how, when you wash dishes, you put the cutlery in these two little box thingies that let them dry. Well, I always make sure that the ‘values’ on both sides are equal and when they’re not, I start shifting them around, changing the individual values and whatnot. It can be really frustrating sometimes.

5. I’m scared of turning off the light.
I know being afraid of the dark is normal, but it’s not that. In fact, right now I’m sitting on the floor in darkness which is, now that I think about it, pretty spooky, but I’m pretty much over my fears of the dark. No, what I’m talking about is when I’m walking up to my room for some reason and notice that someone’s left their light on. I’d feel guilty for leaving it on and wasting electricity, so I go to turn it off but before I can flick the switch, I feel uncomfortable; like someone’s watching me. And that if I turn the light off, they’ll be angry, so I leave the light on and pretend I was never there. 

6. I hardly answer the phone.
I’m too scared to, so I go to great efforts to avoid answering it. I’m so good at ignoring it that sometimes I don’t even hear the phone ringing!

7. I check the corners of the ceiling before I sleep.
No, I’m not scouting for vampires. No, something much worse… Spiders… They scare the life out of me and there’s nothing that unsettled me more than a spider. Not even public speaking!

8. I pick my nails.
It’s a habit that I started a very very long time ago. Back when my eczema was really bad, my nails would be full with dead skin from all the scratching and the oils and creams I used only made the contents of my nails worse. Nowadays, my eczema isn’t so unbearable so my nails aren’t as bad, but the habit stayed with me. I’m always picking the tiniest bit of dirt from my nails so they are actually pretty clean. And even when they are clean, I still pick them because it’s something that I have to control over. I especially do it when I’m listening to someone or when I’m bored or when I’m nervous or just randomly. And it doesn’t help that my nails are long because that only encourages me to do it.
Gosh, I hope you don’t think I’m gross now.

9. I rarely call people by their name.
I don’t five nicknames either. It just feels so uncomfortable to call someone by their name and it doesn’t help that I’m a socially awkward person. When I do call people’s names, I say it in a soft voice as I normally do when talking to people in general. Some people don’t apply to this ‘rule’ so I guess it’s not that bad… Still, I don’t know how I’ll my teachers by their names in college. That’ll be hell.

10. I always have a ‘spot’.
It’s no surprise that people compare me with Sheldon Cooper and it’s not just because of my love of quantum physics and… physics in general. For every place I stay in repeatedly for a long, I have a spot. In my form room, I have two spots which allows me to have an alternative which is better because before, I had one spot and would actually challenge anyone who sat there. It’s the same at home as well and probably other places, like in the hall during an assembly. I normalsly sit I’m the third seat at the front and last week another form got there before us and my space was taken. I was heart broken. Okay, maybe I was that upset…

So those are some weird things about me! Believe it or not, it was hard to come up with this list, probably because I’m so weird that a lot of these things seem normal to me.

Well I’ll stop here because the floor is very uncomfortable and I’m cold. And tired. I’m always tired…
Till next time.


signing out.

2 thoughts on “Peanut’s Oddities

  1. That was interesting to read. I don’t think you’re weird at all. I have a lot of those same habits. I tend to pace when I’m lost in thought. Sometimes, I pace around in the dark and people get startled by me when they turn on a light, lol.

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