Dear Self,

I really loved this post, the way it takes an outside view on oneself. (‘oneself’? Too posh for my vocabulary…)

The Social Anxietist

When I think of you, I remember all the times you’ve failed and the times you could have tried harder. So many times you’ve disappointed me. But I can’t deny you’ve made me smile too. There are a lot of things you’ve managed to do right; not everything you’ve handled has ended up in failure. Although you’ve made mistakes along the way, you’ve never missed the lessons they’ve taught you.

I don’t want people to judge you but I’m the one who judges you the most. I’ve expected you to live by everyone else’s standards that actually seem to be flawed. All I wonder is why you can’t just be normal and happy like the rest of the world – but sometimes I wonder if they really are happy and normal.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Self,

  1. Thanks so much! I’m really glad to hear you loved it! 🙂 I find it’s actually easy to be less critical of myself when I see myself from an outside perspective.

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