Exams, Exams, Exams!

This’ll be a short post. It has to be.

When I woke up this morning, my dad was stilling in front of the TV, watching the news, with a kind of sullen expression. So I said good morning and waited patiently for him to say something. And he did. Yes, he talked about the news and how the number of students achieving A*-C grades decreased by 1.3%. Now I now that’s not a big number in itself, however the number is represents, I sure, it’s definitely a large number.

My dad told me to really take my education serious as I didn’t really take last year serious. This is my last year to prove myself and get the best out of my GCSEs. I’m going to have to revise for the rest of the summer… and practice my piano pieces. My exam is soon and I still haven’t mastered, or even figured out, one piece. But it’s so complicated in terms of the fingering.

No, I have to stop now and revise!

~EpicCupcake signing out.