Alternate Reality

I’ve been trying to focus on my revision recently and I said I wouldn’t really be posting, but I just found out something that sort of pissed me off so I have to write about it before I write a threatening email or chew my arm off or something (Okay, I know I wouldn’t write a threatening email…)

So I was watching the Big Bang Theory and when I was checking the episode list in Wikipedia, I realised that they’re planning to make a new season. I was ecstatic. Seriously. Then I though, I wonder what other E4 shows are getting another season. I wasn’t entirely sure the Mindy Project was being continued but I was in luck. Then I checked out the New Normal, praying there would be good news.

I was already excited when I type in ‘the new normal’ and ‘the New Normal season 2’ came up straight away. With haste and an ever growing impatience, I clicked the first link to find that it had been CANCELED and I was just devastated. Why did they cancel? Because it’s not appropriate. Why is it not appropriate? Because it features gay men. So what? So everything. I know I shouldn’t really be this angry because if I really cared that much about the show, I would have already known, but I assumed it was a one-time thing. It’s just the fact that now I know there could’ve been a second season but there isn’t. It’s like when I found out they were going to make a fourth season for Kyou Kara Maoh but they didn’t because people found the third season boring.


Yeah, then I found this was probably due to this organisation called One Million Moms or 1MM for short. I’ve just been trolling around their website, in search for an email address to tell them how much I loved the New Normal, only to find out that they are targeting…

wait for it…

Good Luck Charlie.

I don’t even… *sigh*

This is all due to the fact that Charlie befriends a girl who happens to have two mothers. So what? 1MM is targeting an innocent Disney show. And for what? Telling the truth to children. Yes children, there are some people in the world who are attracted to members of their own sex and fall in love and get married and have children. What’s wrong with airing that?

Children don’t need lies. Children don’t need fantasy. Children don’t need this ‘perfect’ alternate reality.

Seriously, you have to read what it said.

One Million Moms launched an email campaign in 2013 that urged Disney officials to abandon their plans to corrupt the children’s network with LGBT content.

‘Corrupt’? Really?

Conservative families need to urge Disney to avoid controversial topics that children are far too young to comprehend.

Which basically means they can watch it once they’ve been brainwashed into becoming fully-fledged homophobes.

Maybe I’m overreacting. I don’t particularly like Good Luck Charlie anyway, or a lot of Disney Channel for that matter (after all the good shows stopped showing… 😦 ), but I still think it’s unfair. This sort of brainwashing leads to alienation. I would know; I’ve always felt a bit alienated because I know I’m different in some way, I’m just not sure what it is, exactly… If anything, Disney Channel and other people should educate children on LGBT etc. at least the stuff that matters. There’s nothing worse than feeling you’re below everyone for being different.

What’s up with 1MM anyway. Are they saying that it’s unacceptable to get married and raise a family if you’re homosexual? Rubbish. Absolute rubbish.

Dammit! I miss the New Normal. Excuse me, but I have to cry now.

~EpicCupcake *sniff* signing out.