Feeling Like A Boss

You’ve got to admit, this is pretty funny.

Hey! What’s up?

One thing I always wonder is if people notice my spelling and grammar errors. I realised that on my last post, I missed out the word ‘the’ and it was so cringy… I’m just like that.

Just in case you’re wondering, things are going well in the school department. I successfully finished planning my french oral and I suspect my french teacher got a migraine from reading my google-translated work. Yes, I’m guilty for google-translating, but hey, who seriously has the time to pick out words and writing out. I already did that for my spanish so I just popped that into translator and out came my french! And, yes, I am aware that google translator isn’t very good at french grammar or even english grammar for that matter, so I analysed the text, fixed the minor errors and voila! Now I’m focusing on learning my spanish which is actually going well. I learnt two paragraphs yesterday so I have three more to learn by december. Piece of cake.

In other news, my school is having an inspection next week so the science teachers have requested that we prepare the science prefect board by the end of the week. Finally, after lots of planning and putting things off and forgeting things, Phoenix and I, as well as my other fellow prefects, got 2/3 of it done and dusted. My chemistry section fitted well and looked nice, but I wanted to add some more pictures to fill in some of the gaps. Phoenix was in charge of physics and did a nice display on meteors. I originally wanted to do physics and felt a little jealous when the others push chemistry onto me, but I like chemistry and it covers a lot of the topics I particularly like. Plus, I would’ve never thought of meteors or astronomy if I was doing physics and since we don’t learn so much about space, I figured it would be best to leave it to Phoenix. Her display looks awesome. All that’s left now is biology.

You know, now that I hang out with Cinnamon and Phoenix, I forget what hanging out with Grace used to be like. I can’t remember what we talked about. Probably random things that no one else would talk about. I’m not into talking about girl stuff and tried my best to seem enthusiastic when she talked about boys and stuff. She yawned whenever I talked about science. We’re like almost total opposites and I bet some people wonder how we even became friends in the first place. Well, now I think Grace is hanging out with people more like her. But they’re so bloody annoying when they’re together whenever we’re in the computer room for a language lesson. They all sit there watching ‘Vampire Diaries’ or whatever laughing like bloody hyenas. It’s really hard not to turn around a yell “SHUT UP, FOR GOODNESS SAKE AND DO YOUR BLOODY WORK!!!” That wouldn’t even work though. That’d make them laugh more.

But, you know, Grace and I are getting along well and even though we aren’t stuck together like glue, when we are together, it’s almost just like the old times. Now english lessons aren’t so awkward. Perhaps a bit pleasant. But we won’t be friends again. Not now, at least. I don’t need stress during my GCSEs. And speaking of GCSEs…

Today, after school, my school’s STEM club was on and I was already up in science putting up the display so I decided to join Phoenix and another girl from my form, who both help run STEM as science and technology prefects and ex-STEM club members. As a science prefect and an ex-STEM member, I thought I ought to have attended at least once. Normally I was busy on Wednesdays. My timing was great too because our ex-STEM prefect came alone to talk to the year nines about GCSE and A level. I felt really mature sitting alongside my fellow year elevens answering questions alongside our ex-STEM prefect and explaining our experiences with GCSE, colleges and A-levels. It was actually quite fun, though I got home really late. My parents picked me up at some point during my journey so at least I didn’t have to walk home in the rain.

I still can’t believe it practically snowed today…

Glimpse of Christmas, perhaps?

This is supposed to be a short post so I’ll stop here.

~EpicCupcake signing out.