Just Another Manic Monday

I wish it were Sunday… or perhaps Saturday.

Chapter 16 of Hush Hush! I can’t wait to finish the book!!!

So… about today…

I woke up at six, as usual, and fell asleep again until 6:40, as usual. Normally a late morning + a Monday morning + consequently missing an episode of Adventure Time = Bad Mood so I started the day with some negative thoughts and was rude to my mum. Brilliant.

At school I came in feeling horrible, as usual on a Monday morning- probably the early stages of cyclothymia- but then I realised that my piano lesson ran through assembly and I cheered up a bit; I hate assemblies and I don’t see the point. Instead, we should send announcements by email or Fronter or something. So I left for my piano lesson 15 minutes early to avoid having to weave out of loads of chairs with my school bag and, what I call, my ‘piano bag’.

Playing the piano always cheers me up, especially when I become able to play parts that I had trouble to play before. I still have a lot of polishing to do, but I’m getting there.

After that I had french and tried my best to finish my maths homework while my french teacher went on and on and on and… But then my maths teacher never asked for the homework and I was like ‘All that effort for nothing…’

But something weird happened. While I was sitting down watching everyone working and not doing anything, because I had already finished what I was supposed to do (for once) and no one seemed to know what to do next, I heard my maths teacher having a go at some girls in the hallway. I wasn’t that interested, I was busy wondering if I’d have enough time to finish my homework before she came back, but I was when she called the girls in and made them stay in her class (my maths teacher deals with the trouble makers just as my chemistry teacher does). She sat one of the girls at the front and the other beside me.

And that girl was Grace.

I mentioned earlier that I spoke to Grace on Thursday for the first time in a month. Although I doubted it, I still had a little hope that even without returning to our original relationship status, that we’d at least talk. It seemed like luck is on my side this time because we did in fact talk during maths, we didn’t say much. I’m not sure whether it was because it was still a little awkward or because we were all having a debate with my maths teacher as to whether the graph was transformed by y=5f(x) or y=f(5x). But we still talked and she told me about what happened (She didn’t do any work in class) and at some point we even laughed. The atmosphere lost its tenseness and I could finally breathe properly around her. I seems that things might actually got right in my life . For once in my life…

I don’t want to dwell on this, otherwise I’ll be jinxed. Not that I believe in jinxes  but sometimes things a way to coincidental.

You know, now that I think about it, I have a lot of weird beliefs even though I consider myself a scientist. I sometimes believe:

  1. that people can read my mind if I’m thinking of a good story plot or other things that I would rather not say aloud.
  2. that I have some special power. (Once I almost fooled myself I could see atoms…)
  3. that someone will try and… shoot me… on my way home from school. God forbid.
  4. that someone is stalking me.
  5. that someone will just leap out of the bushes on my way home and attack me (I blame my dad for saying it as a joke one day).
  6. that the negative things I write on my blog will come true.
  7. that I am a black belt in ‘public transport-ing’ (don’t even ask…)
  8. that my brother isn’t who I think he is.
  9. that if I sit in the park reading a Darren Shan book, my live would transform into some romantic comedy. (I know it’s sad, but I’ve fantasized about it… on more than one occasion… But I guess that what happens when you are a writer. I even came up with a story plot!)
  10. that walking under a ladder or something of that kind will have some effect on me.

I don’t generally believe in any of these (well maybe the mind-reading and supernatural powers) but I can’t help but run past the bushes on a Thursday evening when I get home late or using an umbrella as extra protection.

That reminds me. I had school pictures today, well, one picture. It was a whole year picture and our behaviour during earned us all a whole year detention… Imagine that! Everyone was so pissed about it but, to be honest, they were the ones that were talking. I wasn’t talking and it didn’t actually bother me. I’m used to unfair whole class detentions. This was nothing to me.

I was more interested with the photo. My single school photo was a nightmare. It came out okay but my smile was a bit too stressed…

I was horrified when I found out about this unexpected picture. I hadn’t brushed my hair properly, my face and lips were dry-ish and I was tired. I bet my teachers didn’t tell us because they didn’t want us to show up with 10 layers of makeup and our skirts 5cm from indecency. They didn’t have to worry about me though. I tried to do my simplest smile and tried my best not to blink but the intense flash of the camera was too much. I think it was okay.

One thing I was surprised to find out was that in my year 7 whole year picture, my cheeks were a chubby as a hamster’s. Seriously chubby! Maybe I wasn’t the only one but it felt like it. Cinnamon was lucky; she was perfect in hers. Grace’s one was funny though- her eyes were like slits and she frowned at the camera. I couldn’t tell whose was worse- Grace’s or mine? Well, at least I was smiling… and Grace’s hair looked as funky and wild as ever. I’ve always liked her hair.

But yeah, it was just another day. Just another Monday. What was weird was that I left upset and came back happy. Normally it’s the other way round… Maybe I’m starting to get over my thing with school. That would be nice…

~EpicCupcake signing out.