A Whole New Woooooorld!



Fun fact- I wrote a story in which two of the main characters sing this song. It is actually hard to incorporate music in stories unless you’re just describing the music in abstract ways…

Fun fact 2- This post has nothing to do with the Disney song… or Chitanda…

Today someone called me while I was in college. It was Specsavers. It turned out my fresh new shiny glasses were ready. So after school I called them and this lady picked up. I gave her my name and date of birth… and then gave it about five more times. I have to say, I felt uncomfortable announcing my personal details on the bus. After I had to call out each number slowly, one after another, she finally told me that, yes, my glasses were ready. I asked if I could come now and what time they closed. She said 6. As I was midway through the word thank you, she hung up. This was not the first she’s done that. Oh well. The man that gave me the glasses in the opticians was polite enough.

When I first but on the glasses, I didn’t really notice a difference because I wasn’t paying attention, but after he told me to look around, I felt like I had entered a whole new world. Everything was clear and sharp and bright and beautiful! When I was walking home through this quiet area, listing to my playlist that happened to be playing ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’. I felt as if I was walking through a fairy tale, and I looked everywhere and at everything with awe and wonder and I wondered how I was living life before. I know they’re just glasses. But to me they’re like magic glasses and they’ll continue to be until my eyes get worse again.

Man, I never realised how blind I was…

(Pssst! Hyouka fans, click here for 10 min KININARIMASU challenge! Can you handle the entity that is Chitanda?)

~EpicCupcake signing out.