Dear Diary: First Day of School

Haha, oh Spongebob… *sighs*

School has officially commenced!

Surprisingly enough, my first day of school went great! Grace was back and so were my other friends so I wasn’t alone most of the time. I still have the same subjects so it’s obvious that I’d be in most of the same classes but I’ve still moved a few and have new teachers… Haven’t met any of them yet… That’ll be tomorrow.

It was mostly a normal day apart from the fact that I came in at 7:30 for reasons I can’t be bothered to explain because I’ve already got homework, my teachers keep going on and on about revision and I’m quite tired. Anyway- back to the topic- I was surprised at my mood today at school. Normally, at least during one point of the day, I’ll be upset or angry in some way. Always… almost always… But today I was just happy overall so it looks like I may be able to achieve my goals that I set a few posts ago.

Still, I’m not talking that much in school and I’m still the quiet girl in the corner of the room, unless I’m with Grace, that is. It’s funny how friends bring out a different side of you. I was mostly silent in my maths class, only daring twice to ask the person next to me how to do a certain question. I stupidly came late and there were hardly any seats left so I had to sit with people that I find it really really really difficult to talk to. I’m pretty sure there were many chances I could join in with the conversation but I was too scared to. I guess social anxiety is a lot harder to beat even if you’re all positive and happy…

Still, that didn’t ruin my mood. I got to sit in the special year 11 canteen today and although it’s really cramped (no different than the other canteen) it was a nicer, more pleasant experience because seriously, if I hear ‘happy birthday to you’ one more time, I swear- I WILL explode. (figuratively, of course 😉 )

And as for my default pissed off face, I think it’ll be a while before I’ll see it again.

I wonder what actually caused my general good mood? Was it the fact that I’ve been taking really good care of my skin lately? Was it because I did my hair? Was it because I’ve been drinking water every chance I get? Was it because I planted good thoughts in my mind. Was it because I viewed everything uncomfortable that happened as a chance for a challenge? Or was it because I did some yoga the day before? (Yeah, I did yoga. In my cramped room, of course; I was too nervous to let anyone else see) Maybe it’s a combination. If it was a combination, then let me give you some advice:

  1. Be determined to change.
  2. Take care of yourself (health, body and fitness)
  3. View everything as a challenge (believe me, that stopped me from crying)
  4. Plant good thoughts in your head.

On my phone (I have a crappy blackberry) this is the message I have on my locked screen

You are kind, fun and very important. Don’t forget that 😉

Smile and think positively

And in the background, it has this:

‘couldn’t you earn money doing this?’

Okay, showing you that wasn’t necessary.

In conclusion! I believe that I will not be catching ‘school fever’ anytime soon. Maybe when mock exams begin (month’s time)

well, until next time!

~EpicCupcake signing out.


Dear Diary: A Tear Jerking Story

Last night, after reading ‘The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose’ (or whatever it’s called), I put down the book and cried.

No I didn’t. I put down the book and got out my phone.

You see, stories can’t make me cry. Even at the end of My Sister Jodie, I didn’t cry when ———- (don’t want to ruin the story if you haven’t read it.) I tried to afterwards because I felt bad, but it took some effort. But when I picked up my phone, I remembered the Darren Shan, the author, and then I remembered the Saga of Darren Shan (Oh my goodness I think I’m going to cry again). I started to wonder whether the book series had a wikipedia. It did… So I spent a while looking it up. For some reason when I started, I couldn’t stop (have it in mind that it was about 1 am and I was EXTREMELY tired.) I read the whole plot outline and looked at all the character- even those that only appeared in one particular page. Remembering all the events, all the deaths and the ending made me just well up with tears. It didn’t make any noise of course- it was past midnight, but I was seriously crying my eyes out when I finished Sons of Destiny and praising Darren Shan’s (character) actions and how he save the world etc. I even went up to my mum and started telling her about it, still crying.

Fun fact (may cause spoilers) : If you take the first word of the first book and the last word of the last book, you get ‘I’ve gone.’ I just wanted to share that.

I totally in love with the story. I use the names Darren and Tom (Tom from my other favourite book series The Spook’s Apprentice) in a lot of my stories including one I’m writing now),I read most of the manga by Takahiro Arai that I found in my local library (I’m on volume 10) and I’ve watched the movie which, I’m sorry I have to say this, SUCKED very VERY BADLY! Sorry people who created the film but I lost interest at the point when I see that monkey girl and the goblin-looking little people. I mean, what the heck happened to Debbie?! I liked her. And those little people- they had NOSES. NOSES!!! I continued watching (because I hate stopping something halfway through) but I didn’t pay attention. I don’t even know how it ends- not that I care. They must make a new movie that is at lease 96% accurate with NO monkey girls and no little people with BLOODY NOSES! *cries*

Talking about the little people, Takahiro Arai, the mangaka of the manga series, really surprised me with his art. I mean, the characters were well drawn and the characters looks weren’t what I expected, but fit the story very well especially Vancha, Debbie, Evra, Truska and Darren. But Harkat and the rest of the little people were EXACTLY as I imagined. Takahirro-sensei drew him perfectly and I loved the way he looked- he’s so cute. Look!

I ❤ Harkat. And Darren of course.

I’m not sure I can say that I love Darren Shan (the author) because I’ve never met him before, but I can say that I’m in love with his writing and whenever I pick up one of his books, I get this kind of familiar warm feeling and a stupid grin stretches across my face (when I read the Thin Executioner which, by the way, was AWESOME!) Honestly, if I could write stories like Darren Shan (author) filled with epicness, some comedy, horror, adventure and tear-jerking moments that makes people grin stupidly when they pick up another story, then I’d be the happiest person alive… No joke.

I’m definitely reading Zom-B next. I wonder if it’ll be anything like warm bodies… Nah, it definitely going to be better- this is DARREN SHAN we’re talking about.

I’ll stop here.

Okay , I’ll really stop now.

~EpicCupcake signing out.