Procrastination is my Middle Name


No, it isn’t.

But I’ve been procrastinating a lot since Thursday and I haven’t been blogging since what feels like forever so I really wanted to make a post.

But the thing is, I haven’t really got anything in particular to talk about, so I’ll just talk about what’s been going on recently and what I’ve been thinking about and feeling and stuff. Try not to fall a sleep halfway through, okay?

This half term was supposed to be my revision week and although I didn’t take it seriously on Monday, on Tuesday and Wednesday I really did some hard-core revision. A good 7+ hours each day, but after Thursday, I kind of gave up. I even spent the whole of Friday reading manga… and the same goes for today.

In case you’re wondering, I went out this Thursday to London with my primary school buddies. If I have to name them on my blog them I guess I’ll call them Cloud and Tori which is actually fairly close to their real names (I’m not feeling very imaginative today). So we, the three amigos went skipping around Covent Garden etc. looking around, talking, eating… I even saw this show with this man wearing a kilt, balancing on a ladder and juggling knives. He even stripped a little (a little?) which I was a bit surprised to see. I don’t think other people were as excited as I was. *Blush* Just kidding! 🙂 I even got to touch the London Eye which I know isn’t a great feat but I’m kind of into touching famous landmarks now, like the Eiffel Tower for example. I don’t get it why when I told them I would love to touch Big Ben, my friends started laughing.

And they call me dirty-minded.

Well, overall it was a great day, apart from the part when Cloud wanted to go into Lush and I had to stop myself from choking on their toxic fumes. (I’m over exaggerating, needless to say. It’s not that bad)

Thursday also happened to be Halloween and I was a bit upset that I couldn’t celebrate it. I didn’t even get to carve a pumpkin or watch a scary movie! Last Halloween, I spent it with Cloud and, of course she still has to haunt my thoughts, Backstabber. It was a great Halloween, we stayed at my house, pigged out on junk food and sweets, carved two pumpkins with my sister and her friends, and watched a totally age-inappropriate scary movie. I didn’t do any of that stuff this year and I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting too old for Halloween. I stopped trick-or-treating when I started high school; I thought it was too embarrassing and that I was too old for it, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. 11 years old doesn’t sound too mature (my apologies to all 11 year olds who strongly disagree) so that might not be the case. Still, I’m 15 which I know is young but…

Well I think Halloween’s for everyone, regardless of age! I hope that when I’m 50, I’ll carve a pumpkin and I’ll like it! (That sounded a bit weird, I’m way too hyper today…)

You know, speaking of Halloween and Backstabber, I went on Facebook to check out the pictures Cloud had uploaded and wondered how Backstabber spent her Halloween. It only made sense that she hung out with a bunch of people I don’t know wearing a witch costume and acting like they were her besties from life, from the pictures she uploaded. Well as long as she actually enjoying herself, good for her. It seems like the pain seems less now, because I haven’t seen her in a week.

Now let’s talk about yesterday…

Oh yesterday…

Remember that list of things I said I’ll never do again? I’m adding something extra:

Cooking Rice.

Yesterday I was soooooo hungry and it was just me, my sister and my brother at home. The fridge was empty apart from yogurt, juice and eggs and some sauce. I was tired of snacking and it didn’t look like my sister was going to make anything any time soon, so I decided to boil some rice to eat with the sauce in the fridge. So I put the water, waited for it to boil, added the rice. It seemed like it was going well… that is until I checked it some minutes later. The water was about to over flow and so was the rice. I told my sister and she told me that I’d put too much rice. She had to transfer it to another pot and by the time it was done, the rice filled one whole pot and a bit of another one and I thought:

‘Oh Lord help me, I’m so dead.’

I was so scared about what my parents would do, but in the end, when they came back, they just laughed at me to told me that I have to finish all the rice. That rice fills two plastic containers at the moment and this is after I’ve eaten three platefuls. Of course, they told me that I didn’t have to finish it, but I feel seriously guilty and so that’s all I’ve been eating for the past few days and I think it’s made my eczema worse, but the rice! THE RICE!!! I can’t rest until it’s all finished. So I’ll have to suck it up, take some antihistamines and eat that bloody rice. It doesn’t help that my sister is refusing to eat it. Oh well. We all make mistakes, eh?

Well, I’m off to go and eat some more rice (just kidding, I already had some which I was writing 😉 ) so I’ll finish here. I’ll hopefully be blogging more frequently when school starts again.

I’m sick of rice…

Happy November, by the way.

~EpicCupcake signing out.