With exam stress and hayfever and the rest, my eczema/asthma/hayfever- that troublesome trio- have been acting up and, quite frankly, it hurt to… well, move. I’m not going to formulate a longwinded rant here because within my almost 16 years on this planet, I’ve had a lot of time to complain.

I went to my GP the other day after waiting for weeks to see them about my tedious sore throat and cough or whatever it was, and now that it had gone, like, ages ago, I went to talk about my eczema and my spontaneous flare ups. Flare ups that just happen. There’s no warning, no trigger, no anything. I just wake up and then BOOM! flare up.

So for some odd reason (Maybe I was feeling a bit too optimistic; my moods have been fluctuating to extremes lately…) I thought the doctor could actually HELP me. Boy, was I wrong. And boy, was I stupid.

I got there, after being mocked by a couple of boys on account of my lack of fashion sense (my mum later told me I looked like I had just gotten out of bed…Thanks mum.) and saw the doctor. My clothes choice must’ve screamed immature because his voice moved up a little in pitch (throwing in a little music revision) and he made lots of eye contact and I honestly felt like a kid.

It obviously didn’t bother me that much because I went right ahead and told him the problem like a mature young adult and not a shy toddler in a teenagers body, clinging to their mummy because they don’t want to talk. I swear, eczema must be considered an easy and hard disease or disorder for doctors. Hard because no one really knows what the hell causes it in the first place, and what the hell you have to do to make it stop. Easy because you don’t have to do much.

“Moisturise when it’s itchy.” Thanks Sherlock! Why do doctors, parent and pretty much everyone without eczema assume the itching magically disappears if you put a little cream on it. If that were the case, I’d go to school looking as oily as a Christmas turkey! This is sort of turning into a rant. I guess I haven’t gotten it all out of my system.

So I got the doctor to prescribe me more cream and some antihistamines that I didn’t even request and can’t, and probably won’t, use, said thank you, got the creams and antihistamines, used them, then scratched some more. My life is pretty cyclical.

In my life, there have been only three treatments that have ever work for me: this chinese remedy thingymajigimnotreallysurewhatitactuallywas, UV radiation photo therapy also known as light treatment, and steroids. Since I’m sure the store that sold the chinese remedy thingymajigimnotreallysurewhatitactuallywas has closed or whatever actually happened and I’m not very keen on photo therapy and have only had it once (not one time, just many over some time period), I’m cool with just sticking to the steroids. I’ve managed to receive topical corticosteroids creams/ointments a couple of times and I don’t use a lot anyway so they last, but for some reason no doctor will prescribe me the tablets which, actually, really make a difference. Sure it’s wise to keep taking steroids because of one reason or the other but I’m sure if I use them, I won’t have to use the steroid creams for a while. Plus, it’s not like I’m going to grow anymore.

I guess I’m a little annoyed at how doctors don’t even care about eczema sufferers. They either think they’ve got it worked out (Cream! Use cream and then, abracadabra you’re cured!!) or maybe they’ve just given up on me. After all, they said I’d outgrow it nine years ago and… here I am! If they can’t do anything or just can’t be bothered, they could just slip me some damn steroids and problem solve… temporarily… but hey- I’d take it over not solved at all!

I must sound like a drug addict… Maybe I am.

~EpicCupcake signing out.

Significant Other (He’s/She’s So Fine)


I’m taking a full day off revision so I decided to write something. Also, this could help my English- I really need the practice…

So yeah, this is a post is a reply to the daily prompt (I don’t have anything better to write about; my brain at the moment is 30% revision 70% cold squidgy mush).

I don’t like to lie, and I’m also pretty bad at it, so I’ll tell the truth. I don’t have a significant other. But there is someone who I wouldn’t exactly hate if they happen to ever become my significant other. Yeah, that’s all I’m saying about that, My sister already ‘accidentally’ read my blog one day so I’m being extra careful.

But if I had a type I’d say they’d have to meet a couple of requirements.

  1. They’d have to be weird: Seriously, if they weren’t weird then I’d just feel awkward the whole time. I have a couple (a couple?) of weird habits like blurting out strange things or… smelling steroid creams… Plus, weird people are different and therefore interesting. I don’t normally go for mass produced personalities.
  2. They’d have to be accepting: I’ve got more flaws than good points so… Plus it’ll be hard to date someone who’s got a bloody phobia of phones.
  3. They’d have to be honest: I don’t like lies. Liars are unappealing. I always like and appreciate people who are so real. There are so many fake people around me… It’s suffocating…
  4. They’d have to be loyal: Someone I can trust to stay by my side.
  5. They’d have to be thoughtful: They don’t have to be amazingly kind and caring, but they’d need to be considerate about others as well as their self. 
  6. They’d have to be able to notice me: I’m pretty much invisible. I’m like the girl version of Kuroko, but I suck at basketball. Once I meet that someone who picks me out from the crowd or across the room (or anywhere for that matter), I’ll fall head over heels in love. Or maybe I’d just feel a bit cocky.

As for physical appearance… I don’t really care that much. Though I like soft skin. And great smiles. Real smiles. Not facebook smiles. But physical appearance isn’t that important. A really good-looking guy with the personality of a rock cannot be compared to a plain average looking guy with a colourful, interesting and different personality. Yeah.

But, you know, you fall for who you fall for. That’s it.

~EpicCupcake signing out.


Very poetic 🙂



Have you ever wondered what your mind looks like? A glowing rainbow of thoughts, or an advanced calculator (never thought I’d use that in a sentence). Have you got more logic or creativity? The dreams and visions forming on shelves and memories to the million. How I wonder how all that fits in my head. I wonder do people forget things because their head is to full? Maybe you can’t concentrate on the present because you have too many thoughts about the future. If you need to let them go or not, if you really need them in life. It’s great to have ambitions, but you can’t get too hung up on what you might do. Patterns that thrive on colours. Dreams woven from the things you have seen, things you have heard, smelt, tasted. All put together and then forgotten, in a puff of smoke as you wake…

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Only ‘8 Weeks Till Doom’ and even though ‘Boys Don’t Knit’ I’m becoming a ‘Baseball Freak’?

I haven’t posted in a while… But really nowadays I don’t have much to say. Everything is just ‘you have to revise!’ and honestly it’s stressing me out. I wonder if I’ll be among those who panic the day before realising that, in fact, they didn’t do much revision. I keep putting everything off. I skipped my music resit and my teacher actually came to my maths lesson asking me why, I’m avoiding anything to do with English and may be developing a phobia of essays and I haven’t done any real revision for 3 weeks. (or maybe 2). I keep feeling like giving up. I’m not cut out for medicine anyway. As well as having the knowledge, you have to be a people’s person… which I am not and will never be. Plus I’m be up against millions of charismatic geniuses and quite frankly, I don’t think I stand a chance. I’m actually rethinking about this- my future career. It’ll still be science related- I hope. I can’t really do anything else. But I don’t think I could go into medicine. My worst science is biology and I prefer physics anyway. And my teachers say ‘do something you enjoy’ and my parents say ‘do something that will actually put bread on the table’

And right now I’m confused and tired and I’ve got this perpetual headache and fatigue and all of that.

Though, on a positive note, I have started reading more and am getting through books quite quickly. Since mid-february, I’ve read Will Grayson, Will Grayson, The fault in our stars (which really is as good as everyone has told me and I’m looking forward to the movie!), Why We Took The Car (also known as Tschick and was also originally in German) and Boys Don’t Knit (which I’m currently reading)

Boys Don’t Knit actually got me thinking about something that may sound a little weird.

Is it weird for a boy to knit? Yes. Why? Because they just don’t.

That’s not much of an explanation. So why is it so weird? Why is knitting strictly for girls? I wonder. In fact knitting, according to Boys Don’t Knit, was originally only for men. Isn’t it weird how it’s kind of turned around?

But it’s not fair that poor Ben and probably other secret male knitters (is that the right word?) can’t ‘come out of the knitting closet’. To be honest, a boy knitting is about as weird as a girl wearing trousers or playing football.

But imagine if it was all backwards. That would be really funny. Well, not really.

Good Lord! She’s wearing trousers! …Is she a lesbian or something?

But seriously, wearing trousers and playing sport or cutting your hair super short does not make you a lesbian. And knitting, or fashion or spas or beauty products or even wearing a skirt does not make you gay. Maybe metrosexual. Or a cross dresser.

And talking about sport, I’ve been constantly denying that I like sport but recently I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that not only do I like to play sports, I like to WATCH sports. For some reason, a couple of weeks (maybe a few months) ago, I bookmarked this anime called Big Windup and (surprise surprise) it was all about baseball. Completely. Normally I can’t stand having sport as a sub-genre of an anime but this was the main genre, other than comedy. No romance or action or adventure- just baseball. So one day I decided to watch the first episode. Luckily, it was all on YouTube. I loved the opening song so I decided to keep watch to see what happened. I had no idea what it was all about because I hadn’t looked at the plot beforehand like I normally do.

And then I felt something. Something I’d never felt before. And before I knew it I was googling how different pitches, how to hold them and how they travel. In fact, yesterday I watched a real game and I didn’t get distracted at all so that’s a good sign. I plan to learn everything about baseball, including the physics behind the game. Exciting!

And even more shocking- GASP!- I’ve finally accepted the fact that I do, indeed, like maths. I’ll never be the same again.

This is great. I’ve managed to actually write something out of nothing. And here I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to write anything. Yes, I know I am a genius. (I wish!)

I probably won’t write for a while because of exams (but I could surprise myself) so try and bear without hearing (reading) my wonderful words of wisdom. But on Friday 13th of June, I’m a free girl! (you know, after my maths exam, that is…)

I will try and post before that time but don’t expect anything in April. That’s when it gets serious.

~EpicCupcake signing out.


I’m seriously a bad blogger. I say I want to blog more and I have the time to do it most of the time but then I just… I just get cold feet and I search desperately for what else to do. I don’t even deserve to have subscribers to be honest. To be actually honest.

But I’m grateful… to my subscribers… to actually subscribe to a messed up, contradictory, lazy person who is English but cannot sepak English to save her life and would rather spend her time singing (screaming) in Japanese and having no consideration for my neighbours… yeah.

This morning I woke up and I did normal Saturday things like eat breakfast, read a book, watch TV and do my chores- all the things I normally do till 1 o’clock when my computer comes on (damn parent control). But when I turned on my computer, I didn’t feel like doing revision, or doing my homework which is just half an exam question. I didn’t even feel like watching anime or reading manga (I know, it’s like I’m a different person!) Instead I thought about myself. I’m not vein. Or at least I don’t think I’m vein. I was just thinking about myself, everything that’s wrong with me and why I can’t make sense of any of it. If I could describe myself in one word, it would be:


I’m generally confused about everything. One thing about me is that recently I’ve been failing in subjects that I need to read the deeper meaning in. So, basically English. Everyone else sees something in that line of the poem or in the way George defends Lennie. I just don’t see it. Subjects like science and maths, I’m good at those because, to me, they’re straightforward. But don’t get me wrong, they are difficult subjects and quite complex, but, for the things I’m studying at the moment, the answer is always there. You can find the answer using logic. You can go back to the fundamental ideas and work your way up and then you’re like “Oh, I get it! No wonder!” I wish solving the problem of myself could be as easy.

I’ve mentioned before that BPD was, in my opinion, the closest thing to whatever the heck I think is wrong with me, but there are more than a couple flaws in my thinking.

For example, intense interpersonal relationships. I can describe any of my relationships as being intense. I’m not entirely sure what that means. And then fear of abandonment. Sure I don’t want to be alone, but I’ve never told anyone ‘don’t leave me’ and when they do leave I hardly make any effort to bring them back. I just go off on my own and feel bad about it. Or I just go off and not think about it at all. I don’t really think I’m close to anyone. I want to be and I am preoccupied thinking of plots to strengthen my relationships or let people know more about me, but in the end I don’t put them in action, or I do and they learn something and I regret it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

In fact, I’m not even sure if I care about people. I just think I’m selfish. I think that I use people to feel better about myself or give me confidence to do something I’m scared to do alone, or keep me busy or from feeling embarrassed. Perhaps I cared about Grace. No, I did care about Grace, but I don’t care about her now.

I desperately want someone to care about. I desperately want to fall in love and have a mutual relationship, but that would never work not ony because I’m too shy to even speak to a guy, but also because I can’t fall in love, because it’s not the other person I’ll love but I’ll love love only and they’ll get hurt because I won’t love them. I’ll love the idea. I’ll love the attention. I’ll love the support. I’ll love not having to be alone ,but I won’t love them and that’s selfish and horrible and also very sad. Very sad indeed. It upsets me to think about it. I don’t even want to post this because I don’t want you or whoever else is reading this to know what I’m really like.

I feel like such a bad person.

Thinking this made me research another personality- Schizoid. I thought it sort of matched me before but I dismissed it thinking that I didn’t really match the symptoms. But still, I am an introvert, I don’t care so much for the people around me but rather items I own which is such a sad and horrible thing, and I have bad, if not no, social skills. I did a test and I don’t know what it was out of but I got something like 29 points and it said that it was likely I had it, but I didn’t believe it because I’ve gotten higher scores in BPD tests and I even got a high score for OCPD which I am certain I don’t have.

So I’m back to square one. I have no idea what word describes my problems other than ‘contradictory’. I watched a 20 minute video on BPD and watched a video about a youtuber talking about being diagnosed with it and going through the symptoms and how they did and (surprisingly) didn’t apply to him. He didn’t have some of the most obvious symptoms (or so he observed), but one symptom he did have made me think, with some level of certainty, that he did indeed have borderline. Intense relationships. He showed some signs of fear of abandonment, being clingy and kind of obsessive. I don’t know much about the disorder despite the fact I’ve been obsessing over it for quite a while now (over a year, maybe?) but that kind of gave me that borderline feel.

So I’m still stuck looking for the definition of me and a word to nicely describes me without being too vague. You may be thinking why I’m so hung up finding what’s wrong with me. The truth is that I honestly don’t know. I don’t. But I know that I don’t have a choice and I have to keep searching or I’ll never move on. I’ll never sort this out. I know I should just get on with my life and stop thinking about that. I’ve tried. And I’ve failed.

Yep, this scientist won’t give up until she finds out the fundamental ideas and solves this complex and irritating problem.

~EpicCupcake signing out.

Sitting on the Sidelines

Sometimes (maybe a lot of the time) I feel lonely. No matter who I’m with or what I do, sometimes it just hits me. I’ve been wondering and thinking and wondering and thinking why I feel this why, and recently I can up with (I want to say theory but the correct word is) hypothesis.

Maybe I feel lonely and left out because I’m pushing people away from me, deliberately, yet subtly, distancing myself from people, sitting on the sidelines and never getting involved… anything for that matter! I did a post on Borderline Personality Disorder earlier and one of the symptoms I mentioned was an unstable self image that generally comes about from adapting one’s personality to match whoever they’re talking to. I always feel that I do that and it discourages me from getting close to people so they don’t know what I’m really like.

I don’t know. I just have some crazy idea in my head that I’m a bad person and I’ve got a bad personality and if I show people what I’m like, they’ll start to hate me (like Grace) so I’m just trying to be what people want me to be but I can’t even do that right either.

I guess my shyness also plays a large role. I’m pretty much terrified of people (though it’s not like I scream whenever I go outside, haha…). Normally when I’m shy or too terrified to speak I just glue my lips shut and try not to make eye contact. This also means that when I sit at my table in my form room in the morning, I can’t even talk to my friends because their friends from other forms are there and really it’s only three of them that come in the morning but I still can’t open my mouth. I don’t know what to say. I never know what to say.

And there’s problem number 3- I don’t know how to talk. Before you say anything, yes I can indeed talk and I speak English quite well with the correct grammar etc. blah blah. But when I mean I can talk, I mean I can’t form a conversation. Firstly, what do you say first? Do you go up to someone and start randomly blabbing on about something? My likes and other people’s likes are very different. Others prefer to go out on a weekend. I can’t be bother to get off my backside. People are into movies and go to the cinema often, I don’t care that much about movies as long as anime and E4 exist. I don’t read the same book as others and I’m just so out of tune and I’ve probably said this (maybe not up to) a million times but I only say it a lot because it’s true! It’s so true and it gets on my nerves. And it’s not like I have time to research what people like and make lifts and diagrams and whatnot because I’ve got exams! Plus that’s a pretty weird thing to do, but probably effective…

I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. I just felt like moaning. I used to hate that word- ‘moan’. That’s what people used to say to me in primary school if I got annoyed or upset or started crying. Kids sure are cruel… That’s probably why I refrain from saying how I really feel or being who I really am. No, that’s exactly why. Why would anyone be themselves if people were just going to hate them in the end? That’s what I was thinking. But I’m sick of not being me. I’m just desperately searching for the person who’ll accept me for who I am and not get annoyed with my behaviour and fluctuating mood and my clingy-ness and whatever crap I like to pull on people.

~EpicCupcake signing out.

Now She’s Just Somebody That I Used To Know

For goodness sake, would you PLEASE stop staring at me!

Something weird is going on. You remember Grace, right? The ex-best friend that I used to call Backstabber? The one who announced that she didn’t want to be friends with me?

Yes, that Grace.

After ignoring me for so long, I gave up trying to be at least her acquaintance if not her friend. Now-a-days I don’t really want anything to do with her. I’ve been doing well. There’s no longer that lingering sorrow that follows me around, reminding me that we weren’t friends. I pretty much ignore her now. I’m not saying that if she tried to talk to me I’d pretend she didn’t exist, or run away from her. I’m just saying that I’m keeping my distance. I don’t talk to her that much. I treat her like I’d treat any other person I didn’t know that well, because, at the moment, I don’t know her very well. I don’t know her at all.

I thought she would love that, me ignoring her and not talking to her, after all, she did the same to me for a couple of months now. She’s got her perfect friends that all talk about boys and look up to her with shimmering eyes- or at least that’s what she thinks they do..

But I can’t help but notice the times when she’s on her own. It’s not like I constantly think, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s alone. She’s probably sad. I should go and help her.’ I’m keeping my distance, like she wanted. But still! I feel I hang out more with Mandy than she does. All the time I see her on her own except for one or two lessons. She always tries to but into conversations so that she doesn’t look like that but I think it’s obvious and I’m beginning to think others do to. They don’t mention it to her, though.

So yes, back to the weird thing (or rather, things), one lunchtime I was by myself. I wanted to get on with some revision (you know, with all the fear of exams and stuff) and when I came to my form room, she was sitting in the seat opposite mine. You may think, ‘well, she can sit anywhere, right?’, but the thing is that she used to sit on that table, but when she started avoiding me, she sat right on the other side of the room. Why would she suddenly decide to sit there, after she left the seat empty for months.

You can imagine how I felt when I reached my seat. One thought crossed my mind:

‘Should I go to the library or…’ In the end I sat in my seat. I wouldn’t move just because Grace sat there. It was my table, it is my table, so I had the right to sit there. As I expected, she didn’t talk to me, but when others came to sit at the table, she kept doing that annoying thing where she’d butt into their conversations little by little. We both happened to be revising R.E. and when my friend was asking me about my revision techniques, it was only natural that Grace butt in boasting about how she just looks at her book and remembers it and about how she didn’t revise for her mocks and got an A* in R.E. I’d like to see her do the same for the real ones and see what she’d get. Seriously. Not even out of hatred.

Grace continued joining in with their conversation until she finally took control of it. Then she offered us all a stereotypical speech about ‘black’ and ‘white’ behaviour and about some black girls acting ‘white’ and some white girls acting ‘black’. Even when people told her that it was stereotypical and even a bit racist, she still went on. I ignored her and her. I’ve had to deal with her stupid speeches in the past and no matter how many times I’ve told her that they were stereotypical, racist or hypocritical or just plain stupid, she didn’t change. I’m pretty much immune to her speeches, but not immune to her voice and I always find her annoying voice hard to block out and with her and the rest of the table speaking and the fact that she used the word racial instead of racist and that just… Yes, I know, what a weird thing to fixate about. As I was sitting there thinking to myself: ‘I missed the days when I could just sit here in peace.’ I did an R.E. test that afternoon. I wonder how well I did. Or badly.

After that, I became conscious of Grace’s actions. If I came by the lockers and she was there, I’d feel her eyes burning into my side. I can see her through the corner of my eyes, though I don’t let her know that. It’s really creepy and I don’t really know what to do in those situations. I sometimes get the urge to laugh or something so I usually get on with whatever in my locker and just go back to my seat. At least, she hasn’t sat in front of me since then. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I’m think there’s something going on. One English lesson, she asked me a question. I shook my head, my way of saying no without using up my energy. But then she kept pestering me and pestering me asking my why I wasn’t talking to her. I got annoyed and shouted no and that I had no idea. But then. awkwardly enough, I found out the answer two seconds later. 

Am I being paranoid? I feel like I’m being paranoid, but the staring is kind of creepy. Go back a couple of months and she wouldn’t have even sad on the same table as me. Or say a word to me. Or look at me. At all. In my opinion, there are four possibilities as to why Grace is acting like this:

  1. She still wants to be friends with me, but she’s too proud to admit it so she’s trying to send me indirect messages.
  2. She doesn’t like being alone and not having someone at her heels (Not that I was at her heels in the first place) but she’s too proud to admit it.
  3. She’s angry that I’m not bothering about her and that I’m happy not being her friend, but she wants to feel special (…?)
  4. She’s crazy

As much as I’d like to think up different reasons and write some bizarre story based on this, I can’t be bothered.

Yeah… Sorry Grace, but no…

~EpicCupcake signing out.

7 Nonviolent Ways To Tell If Your Friend Is A Robot

Daniel is funny

History and Terminators have shown us that the best way to tell if someone is a robot is to stab them and then pull at their innards until computer parts come out. What they don’t show you, however, is all the times this turns out to be a mistake, and you’re left with an “Ooops” and one less friend.

Using a scale that I’ve devised from intense research of not only robotics, but human emotions too, I’ve concocted seven non-violent methods to determine whether or not your friend or family member is a machine. Don’t get me wrong, you can save the violent parts for when the test results come back positive, but at least you’ll never be caught screaming “I swear to God, I thought he was a robot!” while you’re being handcuffed.

1) Tell them that you have the flu. If they remain at your side, they’re either…

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Merry Christmas!


Okay, it’s only Christmas Eve, but I’ve been itching to make a post since I haven’t made one in, like, a decade.

This holiday has been hardly a holiday. I’ve been either stuck at home babysitting my brother or dragged outside into the cold to do Christmas shopping in the rain. To think that Christmas is only in a couple of hours and I haven’t really had any time to myself. The only time I’ve had to myself was when I was sleeping. Seriously. I’ve been waking up as late as possible everyday until my back starts to ache and stomach starts grumbling. But I don’t even feel hungry during the holidays. Today I had hot chocolate and mini yumyums for breakfast and McDonalds for dinner. No lunch. I didn’t even feel hungry, but I wanted to eat anyway to get my mind off shopping.

Gosh, I hate shopping.

And now that I’ve started ranting, I’d like to add this: Whenever holidays approach, I become ill. Almost 100% of the time. It’s not even funny. Something always happens. On the last day of school this term, I caught a cold when my school’s concert choir had to sing in front of ks4. I was right at the front with snot dripping from my nose like drops of water from a tap. I didn’t have any tissue. Best day to forget my tissue… Luckily, I was on the bus with Phoenix that day and she gave me a tissue. How kind. I mean it. I’m not being sarcastic or anything. I honestly felt like crying. But I didn’t. Funny how we were on the bus together on the last day of a term on the upper deck. Just like the last day of school last school year. I don’t know if that’s funny or scary.

My cold or whatever seemed to get better until I went out again with my mum and sister to buy chocolates for friends and family.My eyes were itchy, my nose was running (but at least I came prepared!!) and I just happened to run into someone in my school. I didn’t even recognise her at first and I’m not sure if it was due to my poor eyesight, her strange new cool hairstyle that she didn’t have that morning or my disorientation. Well, whatever it was, I was still embarrassed when I stared right at her, wondering if it was her, deciding it wasn’t and then finding her saying hi to me the next minute. So embarrassing. Plus, I was walking around aimlessly with a pack of doughnuts in my hand. It made me feel so fat, but I couldn’t leave them behind. I love doughnuts. If I ever become fat, it will be Asda’s fault.

Also, this holiday, I have already been injured twice (or thrice, I’m not counting): when my little brother took a spoon and tried to ‘feed’ me and ended up jabbing me in the gum. I was bleeding. The other time was when I was running upstairs. I skipped two stairs and banged my toe. My nail ripped and I was rolling around on the floor, squealing in pain.

But what has any of this got to do with Christmas? I really should just stop ranting about my not-very-christmas-y holiday and start making it better and baking cupcakes. That’ll make me feel better.

But wrapping up coal, addressing it to my dad, dropping it under the tree and watching his expression as he opened it would definitely cheer me up. Too bad I already got him a present… Oh well, there’s next year! 😛

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful day full of eating, opening presents and procrastinating!

~EpicCupcake signing out.