Left-handed girl in a Right-handed world

Hello people of the internet. You have once again stumbled onto my little blog of epicness for some reason. No, don’t go, I’ll be lonely! 😦

Aaaaanyway, finally my exams are finished and I can finally chill and get on with my life, right?

WRONG. Now stupid exams are out of the way I now have to write that damned personal statement, go to uni open days to unis a million miles away, look for some sort of work experience and whatever stuff I still haven’t worked out yet. Yeah… life is sooo chilled.

But right now, I  guess, I am chilled because I am sitting in on of my college’s art rooms looking at the blog a group that make one of my favourite comics – That’s Mahou Shounen Fight by Scuttlebutt Ink. And (if you’re familiar with anime, manga and the like) no, this is not manga. It is an OEL comic. I might write a post about them on my other blog at some point.

But I digress (as usual)

What I’m basically trying to say (or write rather) is that I have literally nothing to do. No lessons for another couple of hours, no homework or coursework because I don’t do coursework-y subjects. (Heck, I don’t even do art and yet here I am… No one’s told me to leave yet though so until then I’m just gonna chill.) So I thought I should write a post for all the lovely people who actually take time out of their lives to read what I have to say. As a little thank you. And also so I don’t waste your time.

Now exams are over, I’ll be posting more regularly so expect the front page to be loaded with all sorts of nonsense that comes into my brain.

And here’s some more nonsense!

Recently, over these past few days, or maybe even weeks, I’ve been thinking about discrimination. A type of distrimination that nobody ever thinks about and people laugh at me when I express my deep annoyance. Now I’m not sure if it has a name or anything so I’m just going to name it – ‘Handednessism or Handism maybe? (I’m not really that good at naming things…)

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it annoying that almost everything in this country is only designed for righthanded people and not left handed people. I mean sure they’ve made left handed scissors (which actually doesn’t benefit me because oddly enough I cut with my right hand) and left handed pens but what about left handed rulers?

Yes I know it sounds stupid, but let me tell you this: One day I was doing a past paper and I had to use a ruler to draw a line and I had to draw it a certain length. However in order to measure the line as I drew it, I had to either:

  1. Measure backwards
  2. Draw the line to the right using my left hand (which is super hard and probably impossible for me to do neatly) or…
  3. Start using my right hand (not gonna happen).

In the end I chose option one which is quite hard for me for some reason. Maybe I just can’t subtract well. I normally just count the centimeters.

Another thing, which isn’t really a rant because I know it can’t be helped but I wanted to mention – It is actually hard to write from left to right. I don’t know if other left-handers can relate but it’s actually really unnatural. Right-handers have it easy; they just pull their hand as they go, dragging their hand across the page. Left-handers on the other hand (haha) have to sort of push their hand as they go and angle their hand in a way so they don’t drag their hands over the page and smudge their work – hence why I never use those inky pens (After using those my hands are almost completely blue). Also I find it hard to write on whiteboards too. Totally sucks. I actually write a lot better with my right hand on whiteboards and it’s really neat for some reason.

Oh and did you know that in a lot of languages the word right means correct and the word left means wrong? It shows that people loooove left-handers. So much so that in the past they tried to force lefties to write with their right hands when they were young and when they grew up they couldn’t write well with either. Very nice and totally completely positively fair.

I’m gonna stop here cause I’m probably going to log off soon but expect more from me soon.

Unless I just cannot physically get up and type due to my sheer laziness.

~EpicCupcake signing out.

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