Past vs present

Now, I don’t know about you, but during Christmas time, there’s this weird feeling- weird magical feeling- in the air. Now, I’m not sure if that’s the remnants of my childhood shining through or the fact that the closer we get to Christmas, the closer we get to holiday. Maybe both. At least my exam results were okay enough to get me through the holidays. They would’ve been perfect if it wasn’t for that dreaded B in maths. If you look at my paper, it’s clear that I was half asleep. In one question, I had to integrate and I wrote the right answer and then I simplified it but wrote one of the fractions upside down…

But enough about maths, CHRISTMAS IS UPON US!!

The time leading up to Christmas is always filled with excitement and great expectations. Even at my age- the age where people apparently are too lazy or too busy to write Christmas cards. (I only received one, but then again, I sent none). But for some reason, Christmas day fails to meet those expectations. These last few Chrismases, I’ve reminisced on the good old days where me and my sister decorated the trees, my dad was blasting out those weird 70s Christmas songs on the sound system that I grew to love. I would remember jumping around, watching Christmas specials on TV, looking at the turkey in the oven and waiting for the moment I can open my presents. And then there was the lovely dinner that I could never finish with the bread like dry turkey and the lovely potatoes and the veggies and the succulent pigs in a blanket. And then present time! I can recall one Christmas when my sister and I were in the conservatory playing and then suddenly we heard something  and my parents called and said ‘Jelly! Peanut! Come quick! Santa is here!’ and oh how we dropped what we were doing and ran. We were disappointed to find that we had missed him, but delighted to see what he had left behind. We’d then open the presents. I’d be jumping and hopping around filled with so much energy, announcing and giving out people’s gifts as if I was a talk show host or something. And then we’d pop some Christmas crackers in the presence of the weird 70s music and read jokes and wear the plastic moustaches and colourful paper hats and play with the cracker toys.

Christmas was really filled with this strange sort of magic and fun and excitement, but now we’re all older Christmas is more like this: Either me or my mum would decorate the tree which is extremely tedious because it’s this fold up tree where you can fold the branches. My brother would then attack the tree. We wouldn’t keep gifts under the tree- my brother would destroy them- so all my presents and my presents for my family would go in my closet… Very festive… I’d be forced to help with the cooking and if I escape my mum would yell the house down. We’d eat while watching a movie I don’t care much about and then I’d have to convince my family not to fall asleep but to open the presents. And once we’ve done that, I’d suggest a movie and some monopoly- you know, family time stuff- but they’d just fall asleep on the couch before we can even pop some crackers. So I do the walk of shame to the study to put the game away and then sit in front of the TV or my laptop and catch up on shows/anime. No weird 70s music.

Even though I feel a little let down each year, I still have that flicker of hope that things will be different. Even this year. Okay, maybe it’s a little sad that I’m 16 and I’m still longing for the magic of Christmas but… there are weirder people out there so don’t judge!

Short post today.

Probably won’t make another post on this blog till after Christmas. Maybe on Otaku Peanut. I don’t know.

So I wish you in advance a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Remember this? ^^^

Till next time! ^-^

~EpicCupcake signing out.

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