Halfway there!

Hello there! It’s been years (a few days) since I’ve posted anything. Sorry for suddenly going into hiding.

Today marks the end of the first week of my exam not-so-much-week-but-fortnight and I’m already scared. Why? I’ll tell you why.

So after my spanish orals and my tuesday off, my mock exams started on wednesday. I probably mentioned earlier that I started with english lit. It was the most hideous paper ever. Our english lit poetry exam is based around the theme of relationships. How then can you possibly ‘explore the thoughts and feelings of the poet’ when the poem is about a cat! Yes, you could argue that people love their cats but seriously, I had no idea whatsoever what this poet felt about her cat. It was just a description on how the cat ate. Seriously. That was it. I hate exams.

My next paper was R.E. It went okay. The super hard questions I expected didn’t come up and although I right at snail’s pace, I was able to finish on time. Trouble was, when I was checking over it, I saw the worst grammar error ever. It was so bad I couldn’t understand the sentence. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating… A little

I had french directly afterwards and I had little time to revise before they shifted us the hall. The listening, my apologies to all French people, sounded like gibberish flowing through one ear and out the other. Normally, I’d be able to catch the gist of things, but for some reason, when you’re pack in a hall with a person’s voice resonating across the room and, other than that, complete silence, you tend to freak out a little.

Reading papers are normally my thing. I was casually flicking through the pages, answer the questions and keep my eye on the sound when suddenly…

…the alarm bell went off. Yes, in the middle of the exam, the fire bell just randomly went off. Every head went up and looked towards the invigilators for some sort of order. They were stunned. They had no idea what was going on. Everyone stayed silent until I heard Grace laugh. “Are you serious? Are you actually serious?” After observing all this I simply dropped my head and continued with my exam. ‘Whatever.’ I thought.

Of course, the invigilators then evacuated us into the playground and I was getting seriously annoyed. Who on Earth would be clumsy enough to schedule a fire drill during the year 11 mock exams??? And on Thursday of all days when it was icy cold. I was shivering and dancing about like a crazy person. My teeth chattered non-stop. A fire drill?! But when I thought about it, that would be probably unlikely. Then I wondered if there was a real fire and I felt less annoyed. Then I found out that the alarm was pulled by mistake. And to the guilty party I say thanks, for ruining my day and having me wait in the cold in absolute silent with the constant threat that my paper would be canceled hurled at me every few seconds.

When the alarm finally when off, we went back in the hall and it turned out no one was paying attention to how much time was wasted and so there was this big debate (or, rather, argument) between the students and the invigilators over how much time we were going to ‘need’. After some heated conversation , 40 minutes were decided.

When I finished the test, with plenty, and I mean plenty of time remaining, I realised that it was still registration. The invigilators were letting people leave early so I quickly left to run to my form room. Why? Let me explain.

Earlier that day, I wanted to leave my coat in my locker so that people would trample on it when were were getting out bags and stuff out of this large cupboard we were forced to leave our stuff in. I thought this was a great idea. I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it earlier. My form tutor, however, told me that the room would be in use for the whole day for the year 10 business day (you will not believe the number of year 10 students who waltz into school with high heels and blazers. Well… at least they had fun.) and that I wouldn’t even be allowed to enter at break. Only lunch. ‘Lunch, eh?‘ I thought to myself. I was planning to buy something from the canteen at lunch since I didn’t bring any food with me. I’d eat my lunch, get my coat and then make  my way to the hall for french. A seemingly flawless plan.

One problem, though. My french exam started at 12. Lunch was at 12.45. There would be no way I could eat lunch or, most importantly, get my coat. I was seriously worried. I knew that I’d never be allowed to step into the building my form room was in, let alone my form room. That’s why, when I saw that I had about three minutes before form time ended, my heart was filled with hope. I sprinted out of my french exam to my form room. Snatched my coat and scarf and slyly slipped out before anyone noticed me. Not that I needed to, I wasn’t stealing anything, but it seemed the appropriate action at the time. 😉

And that was Thursday.

Today was almost a bad.

After leaving my coat in the large cupboard thingy, I had my maths exam in the morning which was okay, I guess. Didn’t strike me as too hard.

But the science. THE SCIENCE!!! Whoever wrote the paper hated me, hated all of us. It was the most evil paper I had ever. It was like a bloody geopraphy paper with advantages and disadvantages and ethical issues and the lot. Gosh, I was so mad. I was depending greatly on my science result. If I opened that doomed envelop and found it littered with Bs Cs and Ds, at least my A* from science would shine as well as my A from maths. I’m not even worried about getting an A* in science now. I’m more worried about not getting that A! My parents are really strict and they only expect the best. I’m doomed…

Now all that’s left it the english language, the rest of the maths, R.E, science plus my spashish, music and french oral which I know none of and I just can’t forget my spanish one.

Vivo en una ciudad de talla media

Wish me luck for week two of my exams! Especially for those on Friday… It’s the 13th. *gasp*

~EpicCupcake signing out.

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