Because I’m stupid.

Just a short post this time! Hopefully…

Today, I did something relatively stupid. (apart from spending most of my day doing a Genshiken marathon, finishing the first two seasons, instead of revising…)

It all started when I went to the supermarket with my mum after an asthma check-up. I was feeling especially greedy and I wasn’t satisfied with just yum-yums, prawns crackers and yogurt. No, today I was a sugar-lusting monster.
Although I didn’t think it had the sugar I was looking for, I had a sudden urge for pokki, commonly known as Pocky in English, a type of thin bread stick snack with  strawberry or chocolate coating.
Of course the shop had failed me yet again in supplying me with my beautiful Pocky so I decided to try the one that had been beside Pocky when it was there. It was called Pepero. I wasn’t sure about the taste; it didn’t look as nice as Pocky, but then again I had tried something similar called Mikado which was just as good. I was somehow desperate so without another though, I picked and paid for it.

When I got home an tried it, I realised the taste wasn’t up to scratch. ‘Perhaps it’s dark chocolate?’ I thought to myself but I kept eating anyway despite the fact that I hate dark chocolate, but there was a strange taste that caught my attention. It was something unfamiliar, yet familiar.
This bugged me a great deal so I checked the ingredients list just so I knew what I was eating. I’m very sensitive so I do this all the time. My jaw lalmost dropped to the floor when I saw this one word.
Now I know that I’ve mentioned somewhere that I’m allergic to nuts. Well, the truth is that I’m not sure, because I’ve never been tested for them in general. I can handle them and be around them without reacting to them much but eating them makes my throat sore so I’ve avoided them for a couple of years now.
The packet mentioned ‘traces of nuts’ but that didn’t worry me because I eat a lot of things with traces and I’m fine; it won’t be enough to make me react.
What I was actually worried about was the word ‘almonds’. I have been tested for almonds and I’m definitely allergic to those. Of course the Pepero sticks were small and even though I ate a lot of them, the almond content must’ve been low. Still, I was worried and so I drank loads of water and took some medicine and I was… okay-ish, nothing serious. But I’m definitely feeling some effect now. I feel like there’s a big lump in my throat, my whole body feels so itchy and irritated and my arms are sore from scratching. I wonder what would happen if I ate an actual almond, as in not crushed or anything. Actually, I don’t want to know. I’m already being tortured now… Whether it’s physical or psychological, I don’t know, but I’m definitely feeling it.

I think we all know there’s a lesson on this, if not two:
Always read the ingredients list!

And another:
Don’t be greedy! Greedy can lead to allergic reactions. The same thing happened to me during the ‘Tuna Incident’…

Hopefully next time this won’t happen… I’ve learnt my lesson…

signing out.

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