Dear Diary: Bon Voyage- Day 7

It’s the last day and we’ve been quite busy so I’m writing on the ferry home. The journey is supposed to be an hour or so yet I’ll probably get there in a minute or so, since I’m travelling back in time. 😉 Right now I’m gazing at the vast majestic ocean as it’s charming magnificence draws my attention. Man, I feel like jumping in!

But first I must say that I’ve changed the rating of the hotel to 1st, 2nd, 3rd. The first hotel was the best- it was calm and very clean. The staff were very kind. Second… Meh. Only good thing was the food. Third? Don’t get me started on the third. The third hotel- the budget one- had to be by far the worst. Yes, I was drawn in by the spacious room and everything, there was a bunk bed above my bed, which I banged my head against twice. I banged my head against this fire safety thing also when I was walking up the stairs with my luggage. Honestly, no one is going to sleep by the stairs so they should at least put that thing in bedrooms and such. And then the water. Sure, there was hot water at first, but this morning I had to wash my face with ice cold water because they decided to turn the hot water off. And then breakfast. No- I could hardly call it breakfast. It was in a minuscule and crowded cafe. You’d expect the breakfast to be the same in the same type of hotel but all I was offered was cereal (which I loathe), bread and croissants. And even when I’d eaten my tiny snack of a breakfast, when my sister asked me to get her some juice, I waited for a girl to finish taking her own, but the juice hadn’t even reached a quarter of the tiny cup and was falling as tiny droplets. They hadn’t thought to refill it!

Okay, maybe I’m being a little judgementle. The hotel didn’t have much staff and the little staff they had were still quite nice and had left the room spotless. And besides, it was a budget hotel.

So, skipping the little shopping trip and- Oh wait, the shopping mall! That’s right… It’s not a long story but still a little weird. When we were looking for a bag for my little cousin as a gift. My sister and I found a perfect gift, but my parents still thinks she’s a baby and wanted to get her something really childish. So after insisting that the bag of our choice was of bad quality (it wasn’t, it was awesome), they picked a different one from another shop and asked the owner to get it down for us. Now, I’m not sure what happened after this point, because the result made no sense whatsoever, but the man started picking out all of the bags and cut off all the labels. When we showed him the one we actually wanted he shouted out random things:

‘You are the first here and the last.’
‘People keep come in and steal my things!’
‘Wait for my wife.’

Confused and a little scared we left the shop, but eventually we came back and were able to buy the bag thanks to his wife. That’ll probably be the last time we ever by anything from France, unless the ferry counts as France as well…


Well now I’m finally home and I’m just editing the rest of the posts and seeing if I can make music to accompany this little parody I made in my hotel room and it’s based on- go on guess!- my Eliza Rose book. I’m also listening to my parents telling half truths about Paris about how there’s only bread and frogs legs and the McDonalds costs 8 euros (it was about 6.70 at the most for a meal) My parents love exaggerating.

Well, I think there’s a few lessons we can learn from this trip

  • Always take pictures of important paperwork including the address of hotels
  • Bring a map as well as a sat nav and draw the route you’ll take with a thick marker.
  • Don’t carry paperwork with you when shouting at hotel staff because the malfunction car park (or for any other reason)
  • Research the country and hotel you are going to stay in thoroughly and research nearby attractions you wish to visit very very thoroughly.
  • Don’t leave your room key/card in your room when you’re not in it. (I think that one is obvious)
  • Make sure you learn important words and phrases of your chosen country’s language. (Bring a dictionary if you must but don’t just assume everyone speaks English)
  • Don’t trust suspcious men (women too)promising to sell ticket to an attraction such as Disneyland for a still expensive, but much cheaper price. He’s probably lying. No- he is lying.
  • Go on a website that helps with planning holidays.
  • I should’ve done that too… Oh well; it’s too late. I’m in my home, sweet home and I’m not willing to leave London (or England, for that matter) for a long while, but when I am, I’d probably like to go to Spain.

    ~EpicCupcake signing out.


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