Dear Diary: Bon Voyage- Day 5

Paris… Tired… Want to sleep… My camera still smells nice… We are seriously tired and are spending the day lazying about in bed. Are we the only family that stays in bed when on holiday to a new exotic (not that exotic) beautiful place. I just wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower to be honest and I’ve already visited load of beautiful places already. I’ve just realised that the trip is 7 days long and that this is the last full day in Paris. Tomorrow we’ll be heading for Le Torquet tomorrow and I think there’s a beach. That’ll be the last full day in France- then it’s back to London for me! I’ve missed my laptop. I watch lots of anime and the hana kimi remake and maybe, just maybe, I’ll meet up with my friends. I hope Grace will be jealous when I get back. *evil grin* Well, until then! I’m gonna sleep or work on my short story series or maybe go out in town. Whatever floats my boat.


In the end, we actually did end up going out. Boo… Originally, it was for dinner but the Japanese/Chinese restaurant was located in a shopping mall nearby which I thought was a small mall, but actually had four floors. I wonder which is bigger, this French mall or Brent Cross? Heh heh…

Although I normally hate shopping, it was nice to look around. There were endless clothes shops and food places as well as the McDonald we had visited the night before. My sister got her precious Macaroons from the cafe joint to it. I tried some- it was… Meh…

Not surprisingly, Paris had a lot of good clothes and shoes and I was tempted to buy some. My mum did buy some shoes but I settled for some doughnuts and a school bag from the place my sister called ‘Tesco’ (it’s real name was Auchan). It was a giant supermarket with about 2-3 floors. Even with the large variety of items that Auchan sold, I was drawn to one area only- the manga section. Yes! Auchan had manga- and a lot of it, too! I had fun flicking through the volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Pandora Hearts, and browsing the new titles that I’d never heard before. Too bad they were all in French…

After FINALLY leaving Auchan, we went to the J/C restaurant and much to my dismay, there was no tempura, tamagoyaki, takoyaki or even onigiri. Oh, how I was crying on the inside!! Still though, there was lots of chicken stuff and rice and it was actually really nice (rhyme), spicy, but really nice. We were stuffed by the time we were finished. I also had prawns, but now that I’ve eaten so many, I don’t think I can eat them again for about 3-6 months. The upstairs of the restaurant has this really nice mirror with a beautiful oriental design. I took a picture of it.

DSC05860 -______meep______- DSC05858 - Copy

Grace once said (boasted, actually) that she’d went to a Japanese restaurant before. I guess now I can say, ‘Hey, Grace. I’ve been to a Japanese and Chinese restaurant in Paris which is located in the wonderful country of France where they speak the beautiful language of French aaand I visited the Eiffel Tower not so long ago! What about you?” You see, me and Grace are at war, but a friendly one. No we’re not, I’m joking. I just like to boast to her since she’s the same.

Well it’s beach time tomorrow and it turns out that the beach we’re going to is not in the same place as the hotel but in another town. Two towns in one day… Wow, so much fun… Well until tomorrow. Very early tomorrow…

~EpicCupcake signing out.


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