Dear Diary: Bon Voyage- Day 4

The short holiday is nearing to the end. This might be my last full day in Paris, though I’m not sure what the plan is.
Today, though, my parents are longing to go to Disney Land, though I’m not so eager. Maybe if they’d asked me about 8 to 10 years ago, then I’d be more excited. But now, I just want to lounge about in the hotel and watch something in French or German or something (I believe there is a German TV programme)


71euros. That was (roughly) the price to enter disney land without booking online. We spent how long driving to the darn place only to find out that we’d have to pay over 280 euros just to enter, even if we wanted to just look around. My parents said they weren’t going and my sister and I weren’t going to waste money that could be used on clothes and food. So after taking pictures of the wondrous yet insanely expensive place, we left for our hotel ago and vowed not to share our pictures to anyone in case they asked “how was it? Did you go on any rides or take pictures with any characters?” Now, that would be embarrassing. Maybe we’ll return another day, but that’ll be when we’ve booked online and probably when my brother’s a little older.

Here are just three of the secret pictures. Look at them now  before I change my mind and delete them for good:

DSC05842 DSC05846 DSC05847


Back in the hotel again. It seems each day is getting shorter and shorter. We’re so sick of walking around that we only managed the short journey to the nearest McDonalds to the hotel. Of course we we’re planning to visit a Japanese/Chinese restaurant but sadly the only shop that I saw open was McDonalds. How upsetting… Still I got this weird deal at McDs- two burgers, large ‘pomme frites’, and a large fanta that was way to fizzy. Have I mentioned that the ice cubes have holes in them? I put my finger in one of them and, no surprise here, they were ice cold. No joke. I was full after the second burger and found it hard to finish the fanta.

What am I doing, wasting my time in Paris eating McDonalds…?

That reminds me! In McDonalds, there was a little play area upstairs. My dad wanted to let my brother play there.
‘No!’ She snapped. She wouldn’t let her baby play near the boys who were strangling each other and playing rough. We watched as the parents never showed up and the kids kept fighting. Luckily, one of the staff put their fight to an end and went looking for his parents.
Things just got better after that. My perfume which I had somehow slipped into my bag fell out of my bag, along with my camera and broke spilling the whole thing on the floor and my camera. When I picked up it, my hand reeked of perfume. But I guess it was okay… It smelt nice after all…

~EpicCupcake signing out.


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