Dear Diary: Bon Voyage- Day 3

It’s day three of my short French holiday and I’ve just had breakfast. It was funny, though. When we arrived at the restaurant, my sister and I were just about to leap for the food when all of a sudden someone asks us (in French, of course) for a breakfast/meal cards. Ashamed we walked back to our parents and we had to ask at the reception. It was there that I was given the duty to prevent my brother from gnawing on a highlighter.

At breakfast, I couldn’t restrain myself. I had about two croissants, two slices of delicious succulent ham, two pieces of cake, some yogurt and about four or five slices of some delightful fluffy omelette. And apple juice. You can’t forget apple juice. I’m going to miss the restaurant when I get back to london. Then instead of lovely French bread, I’ll have boring english bread… I must eat all that I can.


We spent the rest of the day in town. I got the bus for the first time in France and at one point, it was as full as some certain London buses…

DSC05747 DSC05748 DSC05752 DSC05765

We went to the Louvre and took like a million pictures of us creating the illusion that we were touching the point of the glass pyramid. It took forever but we got some good pictures.DSC05769DSC05790

I even had the chance to film a little, since my dad let me use his camera. There wasn’t much to film though.

Then after that came our long and tiring journey in search of the Eiffel Tower. Luckily for us, the language barrier wasn’t too high to climb over so we got directions from the locals. But the journey proved to tiring for us and so our search for the Eiffel Tower became a search for McDonalds. To pass the time I sung, ‘I will walk 500 miles’ over and over because I was sure I’d walked 700…

I think it was a mistake to have McDonalds first. We were really hungry so we all got a large big Mac meal along with 10 nuggets each and a McFlurry for me and my sister. We all found it hard to walk after that.

After some more walking and singing, we finally saw the Eiffel Tower. Too bad it was actually much further away from us than we thought. Still, we used that to our advantage a created more illusions.

But I still wanted to touch the Eiffel Tower, just so that I’d get a sense of achievement and after a few minutes of convincing, my dad let me. It was only when I got there that I realised the base of the Eiffel Tower was actually a shop to possibly buy entrance to the structure. I still touched it, though- it was part of the Eiffel Tower after all.

DSC05833 DSC05834


And so the day ends with me lounging on the bed like normal and staring at my dusty shoes. The dust of which it had acquired, came from the walk to the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to read, though and I did try to, but I’m too tired to even hold the darn book. Oh well, till tomorrow.

~EpicCupcake signing out.


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