Dear Diary: Bon Voyage- Day 2

It’s day 2 and after a refreshing night’s sleep and a delicious French breakfast, we’re finally on our way to Paris. Although the first day technically wasn’t part of our holiday, we all had a lot of fun trying to communicate with the French and finding out that our hotel’s restaurant had egg and pasta sauce on one of their pizzas which really confusing. Well, until Paris!


I’m currently lying on my bed in the Paris hotel, but before all that, we had a not-so-epic adventure in the car park trying to find a way out. It was so dark and sinister that I couldn’t even take a picture. We eventually found a way out, but then we had a new problem- we couldn’t find the reception… So we spent another hour searching for it just to find out that there was a door that we had passes twice that led straight to the reception from the car park. Wonderful. So now it’s relaxing time…

But I can’t relax, though. I just don’t feel happy at all and it’s as if my life force is slowly draining. I guess I might be because I’m angry, upset and lonely. Angry because I’m sharing a room with my sister- enough said. Upset because my sister has been horrible to me this holiday and now she’s telling me not to talk to her. What’s her problem?! She just so cold… I don’t know what’s wrong with her- she’s in Paris for goodness sake! And her side of the room is practically the WHOLE room. I on the other hand only have a tiny gap just wide enough for me to fit through to get to bed. Stupidly, the hotel gave us a double bed so I’m sure I’m not going to have any duvet for the rest of the week… And finally, I feel lonely because my room and my parent’s room aren’t inter connected so I have to knock every time I want to enter and I’m sure they won’t appreciate that… This means that all I’ve got for company is my sister so it looks like I’ll have to read for the next two hours or so. That’s not so bad; I like reading and I’m not ready to hear someone call me horrible names and ruin my holiday…


We left the hotel to set off for somewhere. I asked like a million times ‘where are we going?’ but I never got a sufficient answer. We spent ages walking round and round looking at different artwork all around and walking through various streets that reminded me of Italy. In the end we had dinner at a restaurant and returned to the hotel. You would think it was a wasted day since we didn’t go to any museum or something, but I guess sometimes the journey is the best part of any holiday.

Here are some pics to avoid making grand descriptions… or any description of any kind…

RepubliqueDSC05726 DSC05722 DSC05721DSC05727DSC05737 DSC05736 DSC05735 DSC05734 DSC05733 DSC05732 DSC05731 DSC05730 DSC05729 DSC05728

Oh, that reminds me! I went on the metro for the first time today. There were only stairs so we had to carry my brother in his pushchair (okay, I didn’t- my sister and my parents did.) crying out ‘Lord Kai!’ (my brother’s name) because it looked like we were carrying a throne and we found it funny. I was a little surprised when we got on the train. Sure, it looked a little like the tube back in London, but some doors aren’t automatic so you have to open them yourself, and the automatic ones open before the train even stops and people just casually jump off the moving train.


Strange… I wonder if I looked cool as I casually sat on the train seat with my crop top on and reading Eliza Rose. (I didn’t. I know I didn’t.) Oh well, till tomorrow…

~EpicCupcake signing out.


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