Dear Diary: Bon Voyage- Day 1

A little note before the post starts:

I wasn’t able to use the WordPress app online and only offline so this post starts on Thursday 15 August and finishes today- the 21st. Yeah it may seem a little muddled and probably a little rushed but I was tired for a lot of the time and the same goes for now so just hurry up and read already. 😉

Starts here vvvvvv

It was sudden, but my parents suddenly decided to set off for a quick vacation in France… and they took me with them along with my brother and my sister.

So now I’m on the ferry, sitting by my sister and wondering if it’s possible to sit somewhere else… Oh well- she’s not THAT bad…

The ferry is different than I expected. I’ve never been on one before- I’m only used to the limited space in an aeroplane. The ferry’s quite spacious and nicely furnished, though it could use some new furniture…

There’s a pub called ‘Le Pub’ (no joke), a couple of TVs and according to my mum, there’s a microwave. You can’t see much out of the window, but then again- that’s no different to a plane. I got a much better view at the deck.

IMG-20130815-01469.jpg IMG-20130815-01471.jpg

This is the quickest hour ever. I feel like I’ve been here for 10 minutes. I got really excited when I finally entered France. My phone suddenly changed the time and T-mobile just sent a text with all of their wonderful new prices- nice…

I guess, I’ll read manga for the rest of the journey.


I’m off the ferry now- I’m finally standing in France! Well, not standing- more like sitting. There’s still a 2 hour car journey to our hotel to Cambrai (sorry if spelling’s wrong) so here I am, sitting with my siblings at either side, my brother suffering from separation anxiety because my dad isn’t carrying him. Poor child… When my sister suggested to turn on the I expected to listen to kiss 100 or something, but I’m actually listening to a french lady singing. It’s nice, I guess. Very calming which is appropriate because we’re all tired and prone to grumbling.

There are some more differences as well- stuff to do with the road that I heard my parents talking about and they use km/h rather than miles. To be honest, I prefer km to miles because I can guess roughly how much that is. Well… until the hotel…


I’m now on my way to get something to eat because we’re all starved from the journey. There’s not much to say about the hotel. It’s pretty small and quite empty though we’re only staying there for a day before we head off to Paris.

Funfact: The Keyboard in France isn’t QWERTY. My sister had a hard time using the computer.

We decided to come to McDonalds for lunch or whatever you call this meal and we had an even harder time ordering. Thank goodness the lady spoke a little English. My sister kept saying 12 McChicken Sandwhich Meals. Obviously her French isn’t as good as she thought…


It’s now night and I’m just sitting (more like lying) in bed with the book ‘The Remarkable Life & Times of Eliza Rose’. I tired and don’t feel like writing. We’ve been in the hotel for the whole day and had four huge pizzas for dinner. I’m stuffed… I honestly can’t bothered to write anymore. Tomorrow we’re heading off to Paris. Until then… ZzzzZzzzZzzZ

~EpicCupcake signing out.


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