Who Is That Person In The Mirror?

As I was reading today’s daily prompt (like, two seconds ago) I thought about my own blog and how it reflects myself and my personality. I came to the conclusion that it mostly doesn’t.

Or maybe it does.

I don’t know. You see, the thing is that I don’t even know myself that well. I can’t just write down stuff about my personality. My mind’s all messed up and foggy and I get confused about the kind of person I am.

Maybe I should do a little investigating. I love analysing.

Starting with the name of my blog- ‘MyNameIsEpicCupcake’
I’m not that much of a cupcake fan. I’m more of a doughnut person. I like the word ‘epic’ though. It reminds me of action and adventure or maybe just something really cool or funny.

There isn’t a reason why I chose the theme ‘Night to Dusk something’ (whatever it’s called). It just looked the best to me and fit the blog well.

The background is quite cute and colourful. I like cute and colourful things especially delicious ukes with large adorable eyes. The colourful-ness might suggest that I’m creative. That might be true- I do enjoy drawing, writing, making games, making songs and making videos. I love creating things- you get this satisfied feeling afterwards.

My posts: they are random. I can go from writing meaningful to posting a random gif/video of myself punching my laptop screen. I guess that’s like me. My feelings are random and sudden, I have random urges- sometimes I have a strong urge to help someone, sometimes I have a strong urge to yell at someone, sometimes I have the urge to put my hand in the sanding machine while it’s running- just to know what it feels like. It’s the same with candles. Random, random, random. Who knows what I’m going to write next.


Well, that all I can extract from my blog for now. It’s midnight right now and I can’t sleep but I’m still very tired. I have no idea why I’m writing a post at this time of the night. BAM! Random!

…I really need some sleep… I’m writing nonsense… Goodnight/Good morning

~EpicCupcake signing out.


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