Agony Cupcake: “Never Say Never”: An Important Life Lesson

I’m guessing the title has already revealed the topic of this post to you. Yes- I’m going to be talking about Justin Bieber.

Now before I begin, I’d just like to say (or type) that this post isn’t going to be about how annoying Justin is or about how much I love him because to be honest, I don’t hate him nor do I have undying feeling towards him.

No, this post is about how he is actually a good role model in the sense of his achievement. I was watching this documentary thingy about social media a while ago and it mentioned Justin Bieber and how he managed to get mega rich and famous all thanks to YouTube. That made me think a little. I imagined young Justin back then uploading loads of videos of himself singing and slowly gaining popularity due to his talent and determination and eventually met his manager and was signed- all in a space of 7 months(ish).

My point is that… well I have two points:

1. Determination can take you a long way and you should never lose hope in yourself and you should always strive for the best. Maybe Justin Bieber wouldn’t have gotten famous if he had given up or had said ‘that’s enough.’ after achieving second place in that competition.

2. Believe in yourself, “never say never” and take chances. Maybe Justin Bieber wouldn’t have gotten famous if he didn’t believe that he had the potential to enter that competition and didn’t take that chance.

I know I’m not one to talk, though. I almost never take chances and I always find myself thinking, I’m not good enough or that my writing is not good enough. Still, I must keep on writing and maybe one day I’ll have a best seller 🙂

Wishful thinking? Maybe.

Oh, and another thing (just because I love to rant):

Haters: I don’t get why you hate Justin Bieber. I mean sure, I’m not a fan of his music, but that doesn’t mean I hate him. Hate is strong word. You shouldn’t hate someone unless they intentionally caused you bodily harm or they steal your pie 😉 . Please, no more scary pictures with guns and blood. I’m begging you, don’t hate- Love (or be neutral; neutral’s nice…)

Crazy Obsessed Beliebers: Please do not jump on stage and leap on Justin Bieber. The stage is there for a reason… And so are the security guards… *evil grin*

~EpicCupcake signing out.


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