10 Things

10 things I hate about myself- GO!

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m crazy.
  2. I procrastinate.
  3. I glare at people even when I don’t mean to.
  4. I have eczema.
  5. Eye hav dificulty spellling thinhgs and tyipingjildfkhruj
  6. I think I’m more clever than I actually am.
  7. I can’t talk to people.
  8. I can’t win in bowling (sucks to be me…)
  9. I’m greedy (food-wise) and lazy and spend all my time on my laptop.
  10. This list goes on.

10 things I love about myself

  1. I am clever.
  2. I can stick with doing complex things like making games, songs and other rubbish.
  3. I am creative and can get inspiration while brushing my teeth.
  4. I am weird unique.
  5. I can move my ears without touching them.
  6. I can understand a few concepts of quantum physics (not an achievement, but still)
  7. I can eat a lot without getting sick or putting on weight (though I don’t lose weight either)
  8. My stubbornness made me able to write and (self)publish a book. (though it’s not that good, my writing’s improved since then)
  9. I’m an all-rounder so there’s a lot of things I can do.
  10. I don’t bully or discriminate.

Hey, I’m not so bad after all!

~EpicCupcake sighing signing out. (damn it, what’s wrong with my bloody spelling?!)


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