Dear Diary: Am I Getting Old?

Unfortunately for me, as the years go by, I feel I am getting older and older. Here are some reasons

1. I have about a hundred grey hairs:

When I was about 10 or so (which actually wasn’t that long ago though it feels like it), my mum found one of them in my hair and teased me for the rest of the day shouting at everyone “Peanut’s getting old!” She admitted a while after that it was probably just something from her ‘furry’ jumper. A few years later when I entered high school, she actually found a real one in my hair and I was seriously worried. Now-a-days I causally find them and pick them out as if it’s no big deal. It isn’t though (probably). I guess it’s normal for your first grey hairs to be found in during your teenage years (probably… I think I saw it somewhere online but I can’t remember). I told Grace about my grey hairs and she told me that she was losing hair. We thought that in a couple more years, I’d have a full head of grey hair and she’d have no hair at all. When that happens, we going to call each other Oldie and Baldie (you know, if that’s not already taken…).

2. I have such a fudged-up memory:

I keep forgetting things (except Planck’s constant 6.626×10^-34) and it’s really getting on my nerves. When I speak to my friends from primary school about the old times, they tell me a bunch of things that seem completely new to me. I even forgot about one boy in my primary school they were talking about who apparently liked my friend and was in our school for a whole year. Heck, I even remember a boy who left in nursery year but I forgot someone who came to the school back in year 5 or 6 or something. How does that work? Another thing: I find entries in my diary (which I always forget to write in) saying stuff that I never knew before. But the worst is my short term memory. I lose certain things and find them in the strangest places, I find it hard to remember the last time I was upset and why I was upset in the some place (When I cry I remember a lot of the bad things in life, but forget why I’m crying in the first place…), and I find that… geez, I literally forgot what I was going to write…

3. I’ve been reading a lot of josei manga lately:

I think this pretty self-explanatory…

Okay, maybe I’m just a stressed out, have naturally terrible memory and read a lot of yaoi that just so happen to be marked as ‘josei’. That doesn’t really make me old. I’m only just starting year 11 once Summer’s over and I’m one of the youngest in my year so… yeah…

~EpicCupcake signing out.


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